Polyaspartic Coatings for Garage Floors: What are the Benefits?


Polyaspartic coatings are protective layers or sealants added on top of concrete floors to protect them from further damage or deterioration. They seal and protect concrete floors from corrosive material dripping or leakage, like chemicals, salt or oil, especially in garages and warehouses.

What is a Polyaspartic Coating?

A polyaspartic coating consists of aliphatic polyurea or polyurethane. Polyaspartic coatings technology is vital to industrial-grade floors to avail extra strength against corrosive agents and substances.

Systematic Steps in a Polyaspartic Coating

  1. Diamond grinding/shot blasting of concrete surface

  2. Repair of cracks/damage in concrete floor
  3. Application of the preferred colour & style
  4. Application of final polyaspartic coating

What are the Benefits of Polyaspartic Coatings?

1.​ Durability and Longevity
Polyaspartic coatings protect floors for a very long time with no visible signs of stress or damage. This durability saves business establishments and users high costs of regular maintenance.

2. Corrosion Resistance
Garage or industrial floors may face corrosive chemicals and substances. They gradually corrode away layers of concrete and weaken the longevity and usefulness of floors with time. Polyaspartic coatings are professional and make garage floors resilient against corrosive substances like chemicals, salt or oil.

3. Reinforced Industrial and Garage
What happens when the garage or industrial floors hold or bear heavy machinery or equipment? The garage floors either cave in, develop cracks or gradually become unsuitable for business. Polyaspartic coatings provide surfaces that can hold all weights without floor distress.

Polyaspartic coatings

4. Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Unlike cemented concrete floors which may attract lots of substances after developing cracks and faults, Polyaspartic coatings are easy to clean & maintain in the short and long term. Because it is in nonporous it cannot be penetrated by dust, chemicals, liquids, etc.

5. Cost-Effective

Rather than spend a fortune in the process of trying to keep garage floors secure, Polyaspartic coatings reduce the cost to a bare minimum. A one-time solution is always a great way to keep costs under control.

6. Decorative & Presentable

Whether done on warehouse floors, garage floors or public utility area floors, Polyaspartic coatings add a decorative & artistic element. There are several designs, colours and finishing’s that are hard to overlook. It makes the garage or warehouse floor spaces user-friendly and attractive.

7. UV & Temperature Stable

One key feature is that polyaspartic coatings are stable and resilient to ultra-violet ray penetration and exposure. They retain their temperature even in extreme heat conditions.

8. Resistance

Because polyaspartic coatings are nonporous, they are stain resistant. Because these floors are 80% hard, they do not scratch easily but absorb stress. Floors retain a polished finish for a long time.


With reinforced sealing of polyaspartic coatings, the garage floors & warehouse floors are durable and permanent. At CIPKAR EPOXY, you access the best epoxy and polyaspartic coating services. Get expert concrete polishing & surface preparation for commercial/industrial epoxy & Polyaspartic coating.